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Aesthetic dermatology

Cosmetology dermatology is a complete reservation system . Please be sure to check the reservation page as the reservation method differs depending on the menu .

◆​Cosmetic Dermatology Outpatient Consultation Information◆

underOn the dates listed above, cosmetic dermatology outpatient consultations and first-visit counseling will be closed. note that.

 10/22 (Sat) 15:00-18:30

 10/29 (Sat) 10:00-13:30 / 15:00-18:30

◆​Notice of partial price revision of beauty menu◆

The price of each menu will be changed from September 2022 due to the revision of the import price of materials for HIFU (Ultraformer 3), Dermapen, and Massage Peel. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our patients, and thank you for your understanding.

  • HIFU full face special course 88,000 yen →  99,000 yen

  • HIFU shower 33,000 yen→ 44,000

  • HIFU eye Shower ¥22,000→ 33,000 yen

  • HIFU deep shower ¥22,000→ 33,000 yen

  • Dermapen 27,500 yen → 33,000 yen (includes anesthesia fee))

  • Massage peeling 11,000 yen→13,200 yen

Director Hasumi was interviewed by "My Master Doctor", a portal site for beauty medicine. This article conveys the concept of our beauty treatment, so please have a look!


Campaign information

First-time limited 20% Off campaign

The first 20% off of the cosmetic dermatology menu. Please take this opportunity to try it once.

* Self-funded surgery (mole / stain / wart removal, laser surgery), option menu, beauty drip / injection (including Botox) are excluded)

Repeater 20% Off Campaign

If you receive regular treatment within the period specified for each menu, you will get 20% off. (The period is displayed in each menu)* Menus that do not display the "Repeater Discount" period are not eligible.

Student discount  40% Off Campaign * We will continue to receive favorable reviews!

Students will get 40% off beauty treatments !! Please take this opportunity to use it. ( Minors' treatment requires parental consent.)

​Menu by treatment

IPL light therapy Online reservation possible

CEREC V, which is used at our clinic, is a treatment device that improves various skin problems such as blemishes, dullness, acne, redness, and pigmentation by irradiating the entire face with mild light. Repeated treatments activate the function of fibroblasts, increase collagen and hyaluronic acid, lighten spots and dullness, and make the skin fine, firm and beautiful. Since there is no downtime, make-up can be applied immediately after treatment.

IPL light therapy Whole face irradiation(¥22,000)

First time & repeater discount applied⇛¥17,600

* Repeater discount applicable period [within 2 months]

For such troublesImprovement of spots, dullness, freckles, darkening of pores Improvement of redness and telangiectasia Improvement and prevention of acne Hari (rejuvenation)


■ IPL light therapy Parts irradiation(¥9,900)

First time & repeater discount applied⇛¥7,920

* Repeater discount applicable period [within 2 months]

For such troubles● Back of handFor areas of concern other than the face, such as improving blemishes

IPL light hair removal

・Both armpits, beard, under chin (¥9,900)

First time & repeater discount applied⇛¥7,920

* Repeater discount applicable period [within 2 months]

・Under the nose (5,500 yen)

First time & repeater discount applied⇛¥4,400

* Repeater discount applicable period [within 2 months]


Eyelids Spa  Online reservation is possible

It can be expected to have the effect of promoting the secretion of meibomian glands to improve dry eye and improving the clogging of meibomian glands that cause styes.

Eyelids Spa (¥ 9,900)  * Repeater discount applied [within 2 months]

■ Eyelids Spa <Short> ( ¥ 4,950)  * Repeater discount applied [within 2 months]

For those who have such problems ● People who have repeated styes ● People who have severe dry eye ● People who have severe eye strain due to allergies ● People who cannot get rid of eye strain


HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Treatment Online Reservation Available

Ultraformer 3 used in this hospital uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to apply ultrasonic energy to the dermis, SMAS layer, subcutaneous tissue and fat layer. It causes innumerable thermal coagulation . A new lift-up treatment device that tightens sagging without damaging the skin surface. Since there is no downtime, you can make up immediately after the treatment.

* For detailed cases, please see the Ultraformer 3 official page.

HIFU full face irradiation (¥ 99,000) * Repeater discount applied [within 6 months ]

・ Option + chin (+ ¥ 16,500)

・ Option + neck (+ ¥ 16,500)

For such troubles ● Tightening of the entire face, lift up ● Improvement of nasolabial fold  ● Lift up from neck to face line Improve skin quality  ● Transparency, firmness, pores, whitening ● Skin metabolism and blood circulation activation  ● Rejuvenates and leads to healthy skin ● Tones and shines beautiful skin


HIFU Shower® (¥ 44,000) * Suitable for repeaters [ within 2 months]

For these problems ● Improvement of skin quality ● Transparency, firmness, pores, whitening ● Leading to healthy skin ● Skin metabolism and blood circulation activation  ● Tones and shines beautiful skin


■ HIFU Eye Shower® ( ¥ 33,000) * Repeater discount applied [ within 2 months]

For these problems ● Lift up around the eyes ● Improve skin quality around the eyes ● Improve fine wrinkles around the eyes ● Transparency, firmness, pores, whitening  Activation of blood circulation around the eyes

■ HIFU Deep Shower® ( ¥ 33,000) * Repeater discount applied [ within 2 months]

For such troubles ● Improvement of double chin


Chemical peeling  Online reservation is possible

Massage peeling (¥ 13,200)

PQAGE Evolution Plus used in this hospital contains growth factor (EGF) and grin complex, and maximizes skin regeneration, lift-up effect, and skin-beautifying effect during peeling.

For these problems ● Texture, luster, shine ● Lift up ● Treatment of acne ● Pigmentation of the skin

■ Salicylic acid macrogol peeling (¥ 11,000)

Macrogol salicylic acid is a peeling that can be applied to people with sensitive skin, dry skin, and acne.

It removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is suitable for improving rough skin such as acne and acne scars, open pores and darkening, and dullness and firmness of the skin.

For these problems ● Opening of pores, darkening ● Improvement of acne and acne ● Pigmentation of skin


Dermapen  Online reservation is possible

The Dermapen 4 used in this hospital is a medical device with 16 extra-fine needles at the tip. This device makes innumerable holes in the skin of the entire face and introduces beauty ingredients to bring out the wound healing power and regenerate the skin. Depending on the introduced ingredients, it can be expected to have whitening / skin-beautifying effects, anti-aging effects, improvement of acne and acne scars, firmness due to collagen growth, and improvement of wrinkles.

* Dermapen is used for local anesthesia with anesthesia cream (extra charge ¥ 1,100) before the procedure, so there are some precautions.

・ Please complete the reception at least 15 minutes before the reservation time.

・ Please come without makeup on the day. Also, please note that you cannot make up or wash your face for 12 hours after the treatment.

Dermapen (¥ 33,000) * Repeater discount applied [ within 2 months]

・ Whitening, acne, anti-aging (+ ¥ 0)

・ Wrinkle improvement << Botox Vista® Use >> (+ ¥ 11,000)

□ Option

+ Massage peeling (+ ¥ 11,000)

+ Salicylic acid macrogol peeling (+ ¥ 8,800)

Aftercare mask

・ Normal (+ ¥ 0)

・ 3D Moist Premium with EGF (+ ¥ 1,650)

・ Self-tox with ingredients derived from botulinum (+ ¥ 3,300)


Q-switch yag laser  Online reservation is possible

A Q-switched yag laser is a laser with an extremely short irradiation time (pulse width) of one nanosecond. Only melanin can be selectively destroyed to minimize heat damage to surrounding tissues. Lutronic's Spectra, which is used at this hospital, can perform toning for liver spots that are difficult to treat with a laser, as well as for general spot treatment.


■ Lutro peel << for Whitening / Dullness >> (¥ 13,200)

1064nm Q switch mode Irradiates the entire face with a yag laser to crush melanin and improve the color tone of the face.

For those who have extensive pigmented lesions such as pale spots and freckles without borders, we will gradually improve the spots that could not be removed by IPL phototherapy without downtime. About 10 treatments are recommended.

■ Spectra Peel << for small wrinkles and pores >> (¥ 13,200)

Spectra peel, which irradiates the entire skin with a 1064 nm long pulse yag laser, activates the dermis.

While removing melanin from the stratum corneum, it also increases the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis and suppresses the secretion of sebaceous glands to prevent acne. You can expect the effect of tightening fine wrinkles and pores and beautifying the skin. In addition, there is almost no pain, and it is a treatment that is recommended for those who are new to laser treatment.

Dual peel << for whitening, dullness, fine wrinkles, and pores >> (¥ 22,000)

With the combination treatment of Spectra Peel and Root Peel, you can improve the color tone and the skin quality together. Recommended for those who want to get results quickly.

■ Lutro toning << for chloasma >> (¥ 11,000)

Chloasma is a thin, flat stain on both cheeks that is often seen in women in their 30s and 40s. It is aggravated by the effects of ultraviolet rays, frictional irritation, and hormones, and is resistant to treatment. Basically, it is to prevent sunburn, improve lifestyle such as not rubbing, and take internal treatment, but when used in combination with Spectra, it destroys the melanin in the chloasma and gradually thins the chloasma and adjusts the color tone.

Toning & peeling requires multiple treatments. We also offer discount coupons. A set of 6 times will be the price for 5 times. (Expiration date is 12 months)

* Tickets are not eligible for the first 20% off.


+ Option menu  Online reservation is possible

Iontophoresis (¥ 3,300 )

By optionally introducing ions after IPL or HIFU, moisturizing and whitening effects will be enhanced.

Pore suction (¥ 2,750)

Those who are worried about darkening of pores

Mole / stain / wart removal  Online reservation not possible

Q switch YAG laser stain · ADM treatment (major axis1mm × ¥1,100)

seborrheic keratosis resection (major axis1mm × ¥1,100)

■ Mole removal (major axis1mm × ¥2,200)

■ warts resection (major axis1mm × ¥1,100)

■ Acrocordon excision (¥2,200 / piece)

* In addition to the above, anesthesia fee (¥ 1,100) ointment, tape fee, etc. will be charged separately.


Improvement of facial expression wrinkles (Botox® Injection)  Online reservation not possible

It is a treatment that weakens the contraction force of the muscles that cause wrinkles and relieves wrinkles that form between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes.

Botox® injection (1 unit ¥ 2,200)

・ Amount: 6 units ~ (¥ 13,200 ~)

Glabellar : 10 units ~ (¥ 22,000 ~ )

・ Both corners of the eyes: 12 units ~ (¥ 26,400 ~)

Cosmetology injection / intravenous drip Online reservation not possible

Anti-aging, recovery from rough skin and physical fatigue, beautiful skin, beautiful hair, etc., improve from the inside of the body according to your worries.

Placenta injection (2A ¥ 2,200) * Insurance may be applied.

■ Whitening injection (VC + glutathione ¥ 2,200)

■ Vitamin injection (Arinamin ¥ 1,650)

Shiratama drip ( glutathione 3A + VitC + sea para ¥ 5,500)

* Beauty drip / injection option + 1 additional ampoule (¥ 550)


* A separate counseling fee of 3,300 yen will be charged at the first visit.

Information on discount coupons
◆ Massage peeling / salicylic acid macrogol peeling coupon (4 times) ¥ 33,000

The regular price is ¥ 11,000 once, but you can use it at a special price of ¥ 33,000 for four times. Peeling is more effective with repeated treatments. Therefore, regular treatment is recommended.
* The expiration date is 4 months. * This is not eligible for the first 20% off.
◆ Shiratama drip coupon (for 5 times) ¥ 22,000
The regular price is ¥ 5,500 once, but you can use it at a special price of ¥ 22,000 for 5 times. Many people can feel the effect if they do it 5 to 10 times continuously. We recommend that you continue to do so.
* The expiration date is 5 months. * This is not eligible for the first 20% off.

Doctor's cosmetics

In our hospital, we handle the clinic limited skin care products.You can only buy cosmetics. Please feel free to contact us.

DRX series (Rohto Pharmaceutical)


Zeoskin (Cutera)

〇Collage Repair (Mochida Health Care)

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