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​Upside down boxwood

What is upside-down eyelashes

Upside-down eyelashes are a disease that causes eyelashes to enter the eye for some reason, causing pain, a foreign body sensation, and tearing. The degree varies from one to a few eyelashes, or the entire eyelid curls inward. Upside-down eyelashes is not an official disease name. Each can occur both above and below.

Causes of upside down eyelashes

Upside down eyelashes are divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital comes mainly from the shape of the face. In fact, Japanese and Asians have a high prevalence of eyelash entropion during infancy because they have a lot of excess skin on the inner corner of the eye called Mongolian folds and a lot of fat around the eyes. In mild cases, the subcutaneous fat of the face falls as the patient grows, and in many cases, the face heals naturally when the face becomes vertically elongated. It is said that if it does not heal by the age of 10, it is highly likely that it will not heal even in adulthood, so it may be a good idea to consider surgery at that age. Surgery is considered in infants and schoolchildren in cases where severe upside-down eyelashes damage the iris (cornea), or in cases of repeated eye discharge and tears. Acquired eyelid entropion occurs when the eyelid skin becomes saggy with age. Adults who undergo upside-down eyelash surgery have a pattern of those who were born and missed the surgery, and those who have sagging skin due to age. It is a characteristic of Asians, who have thick eyelids and a lot of fat, that the sagging due to aging tends to fall inward, and Westerners are more likely to develop valgus.

Upside down eyelashes treatment

If you have a few upside-down eyelashes, one way is to pull them out every time you visit the hospital. However, the eyelashes will grow again and again even if you pull them out. When going to the hospital is troublesome or cannot be done, radical treatment with surgery is considered. If there are only a few lashes, it is possible to remove the roots of the eyelashes with a needle to prevent them from growing without surgery. (Eyelash root electrolysis method) Since there is pain during electrification, anesthesia is injected. If there are many, it will take several times to completely electrolyze all the hair roots. If it is congenital and does not heal even after becoming an adult, burial method or incision entropy surgery is indicated. In the case of senility, lateral sagging is strong, so a surgical method for shortening in the horizontal direction is selected.

A case of upside-down eyelashes


eyelash entropion

It is single, with the upper skin covering facing down the eyelashes.


Age-related entropion of the lower eyelid

The lower eyelids are loose and curled inward, and the eyelashes are tucked toward the eyeball.


Age-related entropion of the lower eyelid

The lower eyelids are loose and curled inward, and the eyelashes are tucked toward the eyeball.

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