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Article published after being interviewed


The director was interviewed by medical media Medical DOC. For those who are prone to ptosis, we explain how to self-check whether or not you have ptosis.

Our clinic was interviewed by the hospital town net.

Director Hasumi was interviewed by Hospital Navi's Doctor View. It focuses on the philosophy of Motomachi Marine Ophthalmology and the treatment of blepharoptosis, which is a particular focus. Click the banner for the article!

Dr. Hasumi was interviewed by @DIME (@DIME / web version of magazine DIME run by Shogakukan). I commented on the discomfort when wearing contact lenses. (Updated May 2022) ​ Article ishere.

Director Hasumi was interviewed by a famous doctor's choice. It is written about the charm of the clinic and the obsession of the treatment. ​Check the banner for the article!

The director, ​ Hasumi, was interviewed by the aesthetic medicine portal site "My Doctor". Please take a look at the article that conveys the concept of beauty treatment at our clinic!

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