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Target disease

Difficulty urinating

have pain when urinating

Too close to the toilet, urine leaks

I was advised to undergo a health checkup

discharge of pus from the urethra

​Other health consultations

have nocturia

pee is cloudy


High PSA

Follow-up for kidney cancer, bladder cancer, etc.

Available inspections, facilities, etc.


After coming to the hospital, urine will be collected and tested to see if there are white blood cells, blood, protein, etc. in the urine. In addition, the components (sediments) that have settled in the centrifuge are examined under a microscope. Check for abnormal cells (cancer cells). I will let you know the results of the urine test.

Culture test

If an infection is suspected, such as when there is fever or pain and white blood cells are observed in a urine test, a urine culture is performed to investigate the causative bacteria. In addition, by examining drug susceptibility, appropriate antibiotics are used for treatment.

blood test

A blood sample is taken to check for abnormal renal and hepatic functions, increased white blood cells, increased inflammatory proteins, and anemia.

It also measures PSA, a marker for prostate cancer.

I will let you know the results of the blood test later.

Diagnostic ultrasound system (Xario100)

An ultrasound test that uses sound waves to look inside the body. It is used in various organs because it is less harmful to the body. In urology, echocardiograms of the kidney, bladder, prostate, and testicles are performed.

​Image tests such as CT and MRI

Based on the results of the ultrasound examination, if necessary, the patient will be referred to an affiliated clinic or hospital for imaging tests such as CT and MRI. Combined with ultrasound findings, it is possible to perform highly accurate examinations.

Urology consultation hours

Tuesday 10:00-13:30  

Friday 15:00-18:30​

*Please complete the reception 30 minutes before the end time.

urology doctor

Hisashi Hasumi (Urologist/preceptor, Doctor of Medicine)

​ Urology Outpatient Temporary Closure Information

On the following dates, the clinic will be temporarily closed to attend the medical conference in charge. note that.

  2/24 (Fri) 16:00-18:30

  4/21 (Fri) 15:00-18:30

Urology appointment

Reservation priority (time reservation system)becomes. For more informationReservation pageplease see

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