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Recruitment information for staff

Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic is looking for an orthoptist to work with us. Jobs include general ophthalmological examinations, glasses and contact lens prescriptions, squint amblyopia, and GPs, and those who can work for a long time are given priority. Shorter working hours negotiable, fixed days of the week, 1-2 days a week is fine. For more informationHello WorkPlease see the vacancies information. To apply, please call orInquiry formYou can also contact us from ​We look forward to your application.

Optometrist Jobs

Job classification


Employment status

part-time worker

Recruitment reason


work content

Ophthalmology/cosmetic dermatology ophthalmology examination on the 3rd floor of Union Motomachi, Motomachi Shopping Street, which will open in 2020

* General ophthalmological examination, Goldmann visual field, strabismus examination, pediatric ophthalmic examination, prescription for glasses and contact lenses.

I would like to ask those who come regularly for a long time from 1 to 2 times a week.

*Experience in general ophthalmic examination, Goldmann visual field, strabismus examination, pediatric ophthalmic examination, prescription for glasses or contact lenses is desirable.

test period

Yes (3 months)

Employment period

No fixed period of employment

Promoted to full-time employee

can be
* Track record of hiring full-time employees in the past 3 years: 4 people have been hired

educational background

no question

Required experience, etc.

nice to have
Priority will be given to those who can perform the Goldmann visual field test.

Required licenses and qualifications



no question


2,000 yen - 2,200 yen

Wage form: Hourly wage
*In the case of full-time job offers, the amount converted to a monthly amount is displayed, and in the case of part-time job offers, the hourly amount is displayed.

salary increase

Pay raise system: Yes
Salary increase (previous year results): Yes
Amount of salary increase/rate of salary increase: 30 yen to 50 yen per hour (previous year results)


Bonus system: Yes
Bonuses (previous year results): Yes
Number of bonuses (previous year results): Twice a year
Bonus amount: 50,000 yen to 60,000 yen (previous year results)

Commuting allowance

Actual expenses paid (no upper limit)

Working hours

Working hours 1: 9:45-18:45
Working hours 2: 9:45-13:30
Working hours 3: 15:00-18:45
Remarks: (1) (2) (3) Elective system, (2) (3) no breaks
Working hours and days are negotiable

break time 60 minutes

Enrollment insurance

Industrial accident insurance

Company features

The director is a female doctor with more than 15 years of experience in ophthalmology. She hopes to open a clinic in Naka Ward, where she was born and raised, to provide community-based medical care, and to create a workplace where all staff can shine.

Selection method

Interview (scheduled once), document screening


Depending on the working conditions, the number of insurance policies and the number of annual paid vacation days differ.

Preference will be given to those with experience in ophthalmology and those who can attend on Saturdays.


Ophthalmology and cosmetic dermatology newly opened in August 2020.
Expand facilities and equipment in January 2022,
I started going to the urology clinic twice a week.

General ophthalmological examination, visual field test, Goldmann visual field test, strabismus, amblyopia test, and prescription for glasses/contacts. We are waiting for those who can serve for a long time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a blank or want to shorten working hours.

There is an employee discount system and a monitor.

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