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About ​ stains

What is a stain

A blemish is an accumulation of melanin pigment in the epidermis of the skin. There are different types of blemishes, and in many cases there is a mixture of different types of blemishes. Different treatments are suitable for different types of stains. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain pure white skin with no blemishes using only one method. When it comes to blemishes, prevention is often the best cure. First, we will explain the causes of blemishes, and then explain the types of blemishes and recommended treatments.

​cause of spots











Acquired dermal melanocytosis (ADM)

ADM is a bilateral symmetrical blemish that occurs in women in their 20s and 30s, and is a gray to bluish blackish pigmented spot due to the presence of melanin pigment deep in the skin. Because the lesion is in the dermis, it does not respond to IPL light therapy. Deep lesions are strongly irradiated with melanin-selective Q-switched YAG laser, and the treatment gradually thins over multiple treatments.

What is sagging?

Video explanation! stain removal treatment

The equipment that Motomachi Marine Ophthalmology uses to remove blemishes is Lutronic's Spectra Q-switched yag laser.Spectra has a short wavelength in nanoseconds and irradiates melanin with a highly absorbing wavelength laser to cause thermal coagulation. The melanin-rich spots form scabs and peel off, leaving new skin underneath to heal. Thick stains and warts may not be removed in one go.


Irradiation takes only a few minutes, but it is painful, so if you are sensitive to pain, we have the option of applying anesthesia tape or applying anesthesia cream. Covering with tape is required for 2 weeks after irradiation. After that, try to avoid UV rays with sunscreen.

In addition, inflammatory pigmentation, which turns reddish-black where the stain has been removed, occurs with a probability of about 60%. Inflammatory pigmentation peaks after one month, then fades with the passage of time and blends with other skin colors in about half a year. Whitening agents such as hydroquinone may be used.

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