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Low concentration (0.01%) atropine for suppression of progressive myopia in children

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Atropine is a powerful mydriatic drug that is sometimes used in eye exam. When used at normal concentrations, the pupils will remain open for a few days to a week. The myopia-suppressing effect of atropine has been known for a long time, but it could not be used because it was dazzling while the pupils were open and it was difficult to read things.

It was found that when this was diluted to a very thin concentration, the pupil did not remain open, but it had the effect of suppressing myopia.

It has been reported that for children who are still in the growth stage, the progression of myopia was suppressed by about 60% compared to the group without instillation after two years of continuous use of instillation once at night.

However, it is not covered by insurance because it is not a treatment whose efficacy and safety have been established in Japan. If you wish to receive this treatment, you will need to have a medical examination at your own expense and to purchase a remedy.

Treatment flow

Eye data will be taken at the first visit to check for other illnesses. We will determine at the time of the examination whether treatment is indicated. If you are the target of treatment, first prescribe one therapeutic drug. At the first visit, you will be charged the initial consultation fee and eye drops.

After using up one bottle (about one month), you will be revisited once to check for side effects and allergies. If there is no problem, prescribe 3 months' worth of remedy.

After that, you will be examined every 3 months. A re-examination fee and eye drops (3 bottles) will be charged.

Method of treatment

Apply one drop of the prescribed eye drops to both eyes before going to bed at night. Please use up the eye drops in one month.

Eye drops are prescribed to individuals. Please do not share it even within the brothers.


  • Initial consultation fee : ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax)

  • Re-examination fee : ¥ 1500 (excluding tax)

  • Eye drop fee : ¥ 1500 per bottle (excluding tax)

The effect is to suppress the progression of myopia, so it does not cure myopia already existing. Myopia may progress even with eye drops. Also, there is no guarantee that it will work.

Treatment must be continued at least for 2 years. This is because the original study used eye drops for two years to suppress the progression of myopia. It may be desirable to use it until physical growth has stopped, as there are reports of myopic rebound after discontinuation.

There is no problem if you quit in the middle, but the effect of suppressing the progression of myopia may be inferior to that if you continue to use it.

No serious side effects have been reported, but side effects such as allergies to drugs are not completely free. Pay attention to the condition of your eyes during use, and please contact the clinic if you have any symptoms such as glare, difficulty in seeing, redness or rheum.

Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic is now providing low concentration atropine treatment for children's myopia.

If you are interested, or would like to know if your child is eligible for this treatment, please make an appointment for consultation.

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